Сценарій виступу англомовної екологічної бригади “We build Ecocity 2018” (для учнів 5-7 класів)

SAM_6606Презентація про екологічну ситуацію в Києві

За кадром:

  1. Walking along feeling free,
    Feeling my Motherland here with me,
    And I love her, she loves me,
    I hug my Motherland, she hugs me.
  2. She’s our friend,
    We’d like to be together forever.
    My birthplace is a garden,
    It’s a beautiful place
    For all living creatures,
    For all the human race.
  3. Helping Mother Earth,
    We can peacefully roam
    We all deserve a place,
    We can call our home.

(Посередині стоїть дівчина в костюмі Природи Києва у чорній тканині. По чотири кутки міцно тримають за краї чорну тканину діти в костюмах бджоли, квітки, дерева і пташки)

Nature of Kyiv. While your pockets are filled with cash,
I`m filled with tones of trash,
Oh God, oh God, you created us to be equal,
Humans, trees, and every animal.
Although many of us have forgotten,
Give some space for the plants to grow,
Leave some room for the rivers to flow,
Because without nature…
Without life…
Even the brightest day won`t bring us light.

Bluebird. I want to see birds fly,
Up into a clean sky

Flower. I want to see flowers grow,
To pollution I say “NO!”

Tree.  I want to see blue seas,
I want to see green trees.

Bee. I want to seek nectar to feed
Pollinate crops and set the flowers to seed.

(Природа Києва виходить і показує гімнастичний номер і завмирає. Танцюють по черзі бджола, квітка, дерево і пташка і завмирають з сумними обличчями)
The Little Prince.

What a beautiful world! Your city is very nice! Didn`t you recognize me? I`m the Little Prince. The Little Prince from the fairy-tale by  Antoine de Saint-Exupery. We are the children of the Earth. We should know. A man lives in his actions. Looking at your city, I was sad. And there is a rule: “When you’ve finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready.”. Then she will feel good. She also has a soul. And your eyes will glow with joy. Don`t you believe, but, please, try and we can save this picture!

(Всі учасники виходять із круглими агітаційними постерами. Співають “The Rap on Rubbish”)
Nature of Kyiv

Too much rubbish.
Not enough space.

The Little Prince. Get to be careful
Not to replace

Bluebird. Tulips with tin cans,
Meadows with glass,

Flower. Forests with dump grounds.
Fresh air with gas.

Tree. Reuse or recycle.
Don’t throw things away.

Bee. Let’s do a new start here,
Begin a new day.

The Little Prince. We want to make our city better. And we start from our own school, yard and forest.
Nature of Kyiv. We take part in ecological actions “Clean Shores”, “Let’s make our city a flourishing garden”

Bluebird. We show  performances on environmental topics in our school. We create posters with ecological content.

Flower. We plant flowers near our houses and schools.
In winter we grow seedlings at school for the future flower-beds.

Tree. We plant trees and bushes.
We don`t have picnics in the forests.

Bee. We clean the water.
We don`t drop the trash into the river.

Flower. We hang flowerpots on our own balconies and widows.
We take care for the home territory.

Tree. We clean the fallen leaves.
We don`t drop the litter.

Bee. We use less chemicals when we wash-up.
We take shorter showers.


It`s time to act.
Nature, nature is the garden
It`s a beautiful place.
For all animals and people
Plants and insects and all space.

The Little Prince. Let`s plant a flower for a bee!
Let`s plant a tree for a bird!
And you will get a beautiful world!

The Little Prince. Today you hold the future of your native city, your future children!

Nature of Kyiv. It depends only on you!

Bluebird. Will you hear the sound of rustling viburnum?

Flower. The rustling chestnut?

Tree. Will we hear the song of cranes? (звук журавлів)



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